Company’s Story

Lemon Grass was founded in 2007 by Patcharee and Martti Orenius. During the years the Thai-Finnish family-owned restaurant has then become a living room for many Kallio residents. Pat still works as the main chef and Martti can be often found behind the cashier desk. The restaurant’s aim is to create delicious Thai homefood for everybody to enjoy in a easy environment. Welcome to order our food while you visit the neighborhood.

Lemon Grassin perustivat vuonna 2007 Patcharee ja Martti. Thaimaalais-suomalaisesta perheravintolasta on sittemmin tullut olohuone monille kalliolaisille. Pat työskentelee edelleen ravintolan pääkokkina ja Martin voi usein löytää kassan takaa. Ravintolan pyrkymyksenä on luoda herkullista thaimaalaista kotiruokaa kaikille nautittavaksi rennossa ympäristössä. Tervetuloa tilaamaan ruokaa meiltä kun käytte naapurustossa!

Our Goals:
  • Improve the health of humans and the environment;
  • Supply the highest quality Thai Food at affordable prices;
  • Improving customer experiences with promotion.

Our Stuff


Sales Services Development

Improving customer experiences , website developer for Menu Download and digital Marketting

Somkiet Sooklud

Quality Control

Check products quality control who strives to produce products with art and beautiful dishes.


Kitchen Person

Tui responsibles of preparing raw meats and organize vetgetable to be ready for cooking.

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